18 - 20 July, 2016

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Citibank’s Move to Align Loan Origination Design With Customer Needs

Citibank has embarked on a path to place customer needs at the heart of loan origination across both the back-end and frontlines – especially for the Sales and Distribution portfolio under Janine Copelin, Managing Director. She shared exclusive insight into how Citibank is re-designing the end to end process to...

Meeting Customer & Business Needs Through Online Loan Origination: The Bank Australia story

Improving the end-to-end loan origination process can be a complex undertaking, especially when it comes to implementing new systems and addressing customer needs at the same time. In this exclusive case study, Martyn Norman, Head of Lending at Bank Australia, examines how the organisation is expanding online loan origination to...

An Inside Look At Peer-To-Peer Lending: What It Means For Loan Origination

Peer-to-peer lending is widely regarded as the new disruptor to the traditional lending model employed by banks. We spoke to Sunil Aranha, CEO of Thincats, to get an ‘inside look’ at how a leading peer-to-peer lender operates, including objectives, strategy and key focus areas. Sunil also discusses his thoughts on...

Customer Interaction and Engagement

In this presentation, Lisa Claes, Executive Director for Customer Delivery at ING Direct, examines the key trends driving digital adoption, including consideration of non-traditional alternatives, reduced information asymmetry, and personalised services. 

Challenging Traditional Lending

In this presentation, John Rolfe, GM for Retail at HomeStart Finance, gives an overview of the history of disruption in mortgage lending, covering disruptive market forces, disruptive legislation and now disruptive technology.

How 7 Companies Are Developing Next Generation Loan Origination Processes

From streamlining and automating processes, to adopting customer-centric practices, organisations are on a journey to excel at speed-to-market proficiency and service delivery. At our recent event in Australia we spoke with seven loan origination specialists to find out how their organisations are taking loan origination to the next level, where...

Adapt to Survive: How Retail Banks Are Adapting to FinTech Disruption

Alternative lending models are transforming the banking sector, creating both competitive threats and evolutionary opportunities for financial institutions in Asia. But with an estimated 4,000 firms challenging banks in every product line, the level of disruption facing the financial industry has reached a tipping point. It’s time to adapt to...

B2B Fintech: Payments, Supply Chain Finance & E-Invoicing Guide 2016

This Market Guide, carefully created by The Paypers, puts together the most recent and relevant information in payments & finance. The guide brings a fresh perspective about the industry, puts in focus the potential impact of the latest industry developments and opportunities, keeping the readers well informed and always a...

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