18 - 20 July, 2016

Kartik Ramachandran

Global Head Risk - Unsecured Lending
Standard Chartered Bank

09:20 Case study: Exploring the risks linked to emerging lending platforms and how to overcome them?

Risk management practices and capital requirements make establishing and expanding new business models within the banking system difficult. Key areas to be addressed include:
- Understanding of consumer risk, allied risk management processes, fraud control, operations and collections to better shape your product offering in order to catch new customers
- Ensuring data security and building the technology to support these capabilities so that the customer feels secure
- Offering a sustainable solution of the whole end-to-end process and building the expertise at a fraction of the cost

23:20 Panel discussion: Risks and disruption in the Asian loan Market

- Discussing emerging trends and new technologies by exploring developments and opportunities in the lending space
- Exploring the banking regulatory compliance across Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific markets
- Understanding how technology and algorithms will change all steps of the loan process from underwriting, credit verification, and appraisal to collection processes and default management

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Kartik.

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