18 - 20 July, 2016

Lito Villanueva

Managing Director of FinTech
Voyager Innovations, Inc.

09:10 Case study: LANDBANK Mobile LoanSaver and Lendr: scaling digital lending and its impact to inclusive growth at the grassroots

- Harnessing the use of mobile to broaden financial access to greater majority, even in the countryside
- Promoting bank’s cost and operations efficiencies while enhancing frictionless customer experience through anytime, anywhere convenience
- Stimulating the ecosystem towards interoperable, bank and telco-agnostic regime
- Leveling the playing as mobile technology becomes a great equalizer regardless of bank/non-bank asset size
- Realizing economies of scale without the need for outrights and huge investments among bank/non-bank partners
- Advancing the highest standards on customer service and consumer protection

09:50 Panel discussion: Discussing the latest technological innovations, are they going to change the face of next generation lending?

- Gaining cost savings and improving speed of transactions across processes in order to increase your efficiency and profitability
- Moving away from manual processes to make the whole system streamlined, interconnected and automated
- Enabling businesses to simply and securely evaluate both the character and identity of customers using alternative data

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Lito.

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