18 - 20 July, 2016

Philipp Kristian Diekhöner

Managing Director Southeast Asia
DD Die Denkfabrik
Philipp is an emerging innovation leader in Asia and expert in building trust and value in the digital age. His eclectic experience across Fortune 50 financial services, management consulting, startup advisory and entrepreneurship culminate in a razor-sharp professional intuition, deep empathy and an uncanny ability to galvanise the people around him, spreading enthusiasm for new ideas.
In a whirlwind career, he has made principal contributions to 8-figure advisory engagements, helped establish financial services innovation efforts in Asia, built a vibrant entrepreneurship community and seeded a transformational innovation in insurance. In 2015, he was offered to co-lead a Fortune 500's Asia innovation efforts out of Hong Kong, but stayed true to the +65 instead. Currently, he serves as an Innovation Fellow with Manulife LOFT and Southeast Asia Director of German innovation foundry Die Denkfabrik.
Philipp loves to enrich the innovation domain and share his thinking and doing across conferences and preeminent publications, such as Esquire, Marketing Magazine, E27 and others. Creative confidence and relentless optimism motivate him to imagine and create beautiful alternatives to the status quo – exploring the intersections of brand, business and digital innovation. As a KAIROS Society ASEAN Fellow, St. Gallen Symposium Leader of Tomorrow, d-school alumnus and organiser of a key startup event series in Singapore, he is actively connected to trailblazing innovators and changemakers. In his leisure time, Philipp is a passionate yogi, closet poet, commercial model and avid Asia traveller.

11:40 Panel discussion: How to remain competitive and keep your customers and clients happy through digital innovation?

- Engaging with customers beyond settlement - the balance between traditional and digital service delivery channels
- What are the best practices in embedding customer centric design methods into existing loan origination workflows?
- Forecasting the latest trends to respond to the fast changing demands and be at the forefront of innovation
- Analysing the core value proposition of the next generation lending services

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