18 - 20 July, 2016


Head of Banking Process & Optimisation
Suncorp Group

15:30 Workshop A: Online lending platforms - the fundamentals to increase productivity and cost efficiency

Building efficiency, saving cost, and improving services are necessary for businesses to remain healthy and viable. In Asia and around the globe, many middle to large banks, companies, and start-ups are looking at the P2P FinTech business model as the best way to achieve those objectives. The benefits of these digital platforms may go beyond just cost savings. If done right, the outcomes may also include improved controls, better data visibility, and business growth.
In this workshop, you will learn:
• Establishing a clear purpose and vision
• Conducting feasibility and cost analysis
• Building a successful business case and baseline
• Implementing transformation
• Identifying and retaining your top performers during times of change
• Change leadership - mastering the key to successful transformation
• Value realisation - delivering value to the business with evolution

11:40 Panel discussion: How to remain competitive and keep your customers and clients happy through digital innovation?

- Engaging with customers beyond settlement - the balance between traditional and digital service delivery channels
- What are the best practices in embedding customer centric design methods into existing loan origination workflows?
- Forecasting the latest trends to respond to the fast changing demands and be at the forefront of innovation
- Analysing the core value proposition of the next generation lending services

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Stuart.

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